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Crisis The ill wind period.
Posted by Kendavros on Sunday, March 03, 2013 (05:32:38) (66 reads)

The and new era!

Friends and visitors of our site

Times have changed. A new wind is blowing across Europe and planetary events in progress, lead to a new era.
And not necessarily the best.

For one day in May 2010, the International Monetary Fund, the eye of the European Union and the European Central Bank, broke into everyday life. Troika and "Troïkans" change our lives and behavior. There is a before and an after. As during a war or entry into an occupation. An ill wind, ambient poison, killing one of our large and small patterns collective rapid mutation was suspended at the loss of our benchmarks. Now we plunge Greece, including in uptown... in the trash...

So now our website and will offer its users a certain vision of the Greek crisis by joining the
This is our way of welcoming the new era!
Because we are all concerned and sensitized by the sudden change that Greece (and many other countries of the European Union) is currently undergoing a process.

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